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BFE, New Brunswick

semi-overcast 26 °C
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Holy crap…last night was COLD…low 40’s!!

…wasn’t expecting that.

Getting to sleep was a bit difficult, but once I did, it was lights out.

Packed up camp and tried to thank the lady who own the campground…but my French is…well, I’ll put it this way…I don’t speak French.

I’m not sure that she knew I was trying to thank her.

Next stop was Moncton, New Brunswick, but that was like 7 hours and I was diggin the countryside. So, half way there I hit the breaks, spun around and decided to go further into the Appellations mountains…and farther I went...about another 2 hours.

It was getting pretty damn remote and turns out that Mount Carleton Provincial Park ran out of government funding and so was CLOSED to camping! After driving around and looking for a place to pitch the tent, I found a prairie and some other campers (The Anderson’s from Nova Scotia) who had the same problem I did.

So, we visited, set up shop, had dinner and called it a day.

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Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec

sunny 25 °C
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Goodbye Quebec City, hello Riviere-du-Loup…and goodbye to all the wonderful amenities of a hostel like running water and free breakfast!!!

Back to tent camping..

Hey though, I gotta say the drive up to Riviere-du-Loup along the St. Lawrence was freaking awesome. I was lucky enough to run into some good people with a micro brewery in the country side. There was a small brewery sign (written in French) off the side of the highway in some farm fields. After slamming on the brakes, I turned up the driveway to find a regular old farm house that brews beer and sells it to passer byes like myself…they served up a fresh, cold red Ale right there in their living room!!

After another hour of driving it started to get a bit late so I decided that the next campground I find is the one where I’ll setup shop for the evening.

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Quebec City, Quebec

sunny 24 °C
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Adam had to be at the airport (aeroport in French) at 3:30pm so this was a good day to just tour the nearby part of the old city.

After having another complimentary breakfast it was off to a castle type building, a hotel called Château Frontenac managed by Fairmont. The building was pretty nice and had a total of 18 stories. We helped ourselves around and learned about its history. Turns out President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met at the Citadel nearby to discuss WWII strategy while many of the cabinet members bunked at the Château Frontenac.

After a bit more touring, I learned that Charles Lindbergh stopped at this hotel to bid his friend Floyd Bennett, also an aviator, goodbye before he died of pneumonia.

Took Adam to the airport, managed to navigate the French road signs back to the hostel, finished up some journal entries and hit the hay ready for more driving the next day.

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Quebec City, Quebec

sunny 26 °C
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After having a free, complimentary breakfast including a cup of good coffee, I jumped on the bike and met Adam at the rental shop so he could pick one up for himself.

We soon were on the road to Montmorency Falls. The ride to the waterfalls (“chutes” in French) took about an hour and half and ducked under expressways, through fields and along highways. Along the way we saw some waterfalls that were quite impressive at about 20 feet wide by 50 feet tall.

These chutes were nothing but a primer for the falls that we were about to see.

Soon thereafter we reached Montmorency Falls – a river about 100 feet wide crashing 272 ft down a rock wall. Absolutely unbelievable!!! A sequence of stairs took visitors 25 stories to the top of the falls for an uncanny view. I had a jumbo Lafleur hotdog at the top. After riding 12 or so miles and hiking 25 stories, this was the best damn hotdog I’ve ever had.

We jumped on the bikes after about 2 hours at the falls and started the ride back to the old part of the city. After getting back to the hostel I tried to watch some TV, but had trouble keeping my eyes open, so I went to bed.

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Quebec City, Quebec

sunny 21 °C
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On the way to Quebec City I decided to take a scenic road, Highway 132, which was basically the same distance, but at a much slower pace of about 90 km/h. Dodging in and out of farm land, small communities and the banks of the St. Lawrence River made this a very nice drive.

Soon after checking into the HI-Hostel, Quebec City, I could tell this hostel was a bit more refined than the one in Montreal. We cooked up diner consisting of fresh vegetables and bread bought at a farm along Highway 132 and went for a quick tour around the city. With the sound of a live guitar humming along behind some building, we walked back to find a live show at a place that seemed sort of like a cave with rock walls and all…in a place like this, one can’t help wonder about what this structure was used for 200 years ago…maybe a pub for live music!

Quebec City is definitely a 5 star town as far as tourism goes with heavy, heavy French influence. It’s the only city on North America with fortified walls built around the city.

The hostel is in the old, tourist part of the city – the part with giant fortifications, castles, European style streets and buildings…and at only $30/night, I’ll just say “wow!”.

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