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Toronto, Ontario

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Up at about 8:00am and had a free, complimentary breakfast at the hostel.

Readied the bike and rode to the northwest part of the city. Ended up riding into the grooves of a railroad track in the street and had a pretty good crash. Fortunatley I wasn't injured (see video).

Stopped at a barber shop for a hair cut, then road through Yorkville and Queen's Park.

Was able to tour the Ontario Parlimentary Building for free.

Went out to dinner with some folks from Germany, came back to hostel, then went to out with some people from France and Australia to see live music on King street.

Tried to stay up, but missed lunar eclipse this night that occured at 4:51am est.

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Toronto, Ontario

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Up nice and early with the first day of steady sunshine since the trip started.

Took a shower and headed off -- Toronto robust!

Most the way to Toronto I took my time. Ended up entering the south west corner of the city so that I could see a bit more of the area.

Frankly I had no directions to the hostel, only the memory of it being near the CN Tower...so I drove until I was close to the CN Tower, stopped at a Dominos Pizza and used a phone book to pinpoint where I would be staying the next three nights...the Clarence Castle hostel.

Shortly thereafter I was greeted by Danny, a long haired dude that was quite nice a proud of his internationally ranked hostel (come to find out it's one of the ten best hostels in the world...and it costs only $25/night...can't beat a deal like that in downtown Toronto!).

Nice place, good night's rest.

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Tobermory, Ontario

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Woke up in anticipation of the ferry ride from Manitoulin Island to Tobermory on the mainland.

Packed up camp with leisure and toured through Tekummah, Mindemoya and Providence Bay (a bit of a detour) on my way to South Baymouth.

Arrived at 11:30 an hour and half before its 1:00 departure, but there was no room left so I was bumped back to the 5:50pm boat. The ferry, a 385 ft behemoth called the "Chee Cheemaun" (indian for big canoe), was very impressive as it loaded about 100 vehicles and a handful of semi-trucks with loads of fresh timber.

Although I was a bit unsettled about not having a camp secured for this night, the two hour late afternoon ferry ride across lake Huron was quite relaxing!

Indeed I was able to find an open tent site at Happy Hearts Campground. All in all I slept pretty well despite there being a damn rock in the ground that seemed to find my back no matter where I was in the tent.

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Sheguiandah, Ontario (Canada)

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Packed up camp and left for Canada at about 11:30am est.

Crossed boarder with no problems just a few more questions than most folks since I had all the camping gear in the back of the car.

Drove for about 3 hours until I reached Batman's Campground near Sheguiandah, Ontario which is on Manitoulin Island where many natives live. This island was very cool.

The area looked as if it were above 10,000 ft in elevation because there were many lakes and the vegetation was stunted. I'm not sure excatly why it was like this, but I'm guessing it's becuase of the rocky soil and cold weather.

Slept pretty well despite the rain.

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Bay Mills, MI

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Woke up, pack up camp and left at about 8:30am est.

Stopped at Seney National Wildlife Refuge -- awesome.

Arrived at camp at about 6:30pm est.

Took a swim in lake Superior.

Went to bed.

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