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Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

storm 17 °C
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What a day. Well, this morning was a bit of an early morning because I needed pack up camp and drive about an hour to catch a ferry from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia.

After bidding farewell to Tim and Donna, some fellow campers from Texas, I headed off in time to catch the ferry. Side note on Tim...it turns out he is the only one-armed policeman in Texas. Furthermore, while fighting for us in Vietnam, he caught some shrapnel and was hospitalized. Once he was fit for action, he went back to the lines and shortly thereafter, lost his arm. After arriving back in the states, he found out that his name was included on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall in Washington, DC. Tim told me that this unique occurrence ended up landing him on national news for a short segment about his story. These were definitely some great folks.

The ferry departed at about 9:00 am and took about an hour to reach Nova Scotia. After arriving in Nova Scotia I decided to take my time driving to Sydney (the departure point for Newfoundland). Along the way I stopped to visit a lighthouse and grab some fresh fish from the “Fish n Ships”. Although this plate of French fries and fried cod came out of a 20’ x 20’ shack, it sure was fresh, greasy and good!

Found a camp about a half hour outside of Sydney and pitched the tent in nothing less than a torrential downpour and winds in excess of 30 mph…this ought to be a great night I thought.

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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

sunny 23 °C
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Today I decided to explore Charlottetown and get some supplies for going further north.

Mainly, I needed some warm clothes since I didn’t have a stocking cap or warm jacket and I was headed due north to Newfoundland. After finding a thrift shop, I picked a stocking cap and nice fleece jacket for a grand total of $5.50 -- I scored on this.

Lately I had been thinking that this trip is a great opportunity to pick up some new skills, so I decided to make some additional stops.

The first was a guitar store. I picked up a beginners book on classic guitar. Since I have a classic guitar in the car and have always played it like a rock and roll guy, I figured this would be a good opportunity to learn how to play it as it was designed to be played. The next stop was a book store.

This ocean going environment has inspired me to learn more about sailing. After arriving at the book store I went straight to the boating section and thumbed through until I found a knot tying book. I figured this would be interesting and somewhat interactive.

Later that afternoon I stopped a Home Hardware and picked up some more propane for cooking and a 5 foot section of nylon rope to practice knots.

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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

sunny 23 °C
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After a great recharging of the batteries, I decided to take a drive to the east end of the island and check out the countryside, shoreline and lighthouses.

Side notes:
You know, at first I was getting tired of saying “Hi, my name is Rodger…I’m a tourist.”

But, I’m starting to get used to this gig.

Also, you’ll hear this a lot in Canada…“Aboot, 300 meters up the road, turn left, take a right after three streets, then a left on King, I think”.

First of all...what is this meter stuff? They don’t give you specifics and when they’re done explaining the directions, they go “eh”…like I’m supposed to know EXACTLY where the hell they’re talking about…It’s all good though…in fact, I love ‘em. They are Canadians after all, eh!

Anyhow, the trip around the east side of the island was very scenic with the small communities, farms and lighthouses. There’s a photo of the ocean side in the gallery.


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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

sunny 28 °C
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I found out just how out of shape I really am.

My muscles were sore from head to toe. This was a “recharge” day at camp I decided.

Pretty much just hung out at camp, visited with other campers, read and relaxed in the sun next to the harbor.

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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

sunny 26 °C
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After exchanging contact information and bidding The Anderson’s farewell, I went to the Mount Carelton trail head.

The sign read: “Mount Carelton: 8.4 km”

…that not so far I thought.

Well, the total trip equates to about 10 miles worth of hiking with an elevation gain of about 1,500 ft…I haven’t hiked like this for at least 3 or 4 years.

Turns out that at a whopping 2,600 ft, Mount Carelton is the tallest mountain in all of the Atlantic Provinces…and no kidding, I was on top of the world when I reached the top. : )

Started the hike at 9am and arrived back at the car at 3pm...it was time to press on to Prince Edward Island…and soon if I’m to get there before dark!

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